Most fainting incidents happen out of the blues, surprising both the patient and onlookers.


Fainting occurs when the brain does not receive enough blood. And while the causes of fainting might be as simple as fatigue and as serious as symptoms of a medical disorder, it is advisable to seek a medical specialist’s advice if it occurs more often.

Before calling the attention of a medical specialist, here are some first aid tips.



1. Loosen tightly fitted clothing like belts, collars, buttons, etc.

2. Clear the area(if crowded). The person needs fresh air.

3. Lay the person flat on their back.


4. Raise the person’s legs up as this helps to regulate the flow of blood to the brain.

Attempt to revive

1. Gently tap the person and speak to them. Some experts say to yell out.

2. If the person doesn’t respond and you know CPR, begin it if needed.


3. If the person is throwing up or bleeding, gently turn them to their side.

Call emergency lines:

1. If the person looks pale.

2. If the person has difficulty breathing or has chest pain.


3. If you cannot revive the person.

4. If the person is acting confused or disoriented.

In the case that you faint, you should note the following steps:

1. Do not attempt to get up too quickly as you may black out again.


2. Try sitting up or lying down as you breathe in and out slowly.

3. If you sit, place your head between your knees.

The common triggers of fainting include fatigue, dehydration, emotional and physical stress, severe pain, sudden drop in blood pressure, hunger, overcrowded areas, sitting in one position for too long and standing up too suddenly.

As advised earlier, it is important to seek medical help if you experience fainting spells (frequent fainting), as this might be an indication of more severe sickness.

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