Bad posture can make young adults quickly develop ailments usually associated with ‘old age’.


The number of persons under the age of 45 seeking help for varicose veins, knee joint problems, back pain and haemorrhoids, are said to have increased.

Experts say sitting motionless at a desk for hours, binge-watching television, and staring down at your smartphone for hours on end, may be unhealthy.

Data from more than 60,000 medical procedures were compiled in an analysis by Bupa – a private healthcare group.


Arthroscopic knee operations (where surgeons look inside the joint using a camera) were one of the most popular procedures conducted on British 36 to 45-year-olds.

This is the same age group that is now the most likely to have epidural injections that are meant to treat back pain.

“This shows a significant number of our customers are prematurely experiencing conditions you would normally associate with much older people,” said Steve Iley, Bupa’s medical director.


“Haemorrhoid removal and treatment for varicose veins are procedures that people in this age group should not be encountering.

“However, when you consider the amount of time young people now spend using their mobiles and tablets, streaming box sets or playing with the latest games console, you can see why these conditions are rising in this age group.

“From their early twenties, more and more people are working long hours, with jam-packed schedules, and without the ability to ever really switch off.”

“This, combined with bad postures and lack of movement, are taking their toll physically and mentally,” he added.


“Our changing lifestyles make it more important than ever that people have access to the latest and best medical services.

“Early and regular consultation can prevent a lot of the conditions we have seen from developing and will enable people to continue to lead the lives they want to.”

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