Ayo Makun, a comedian and actor better known as AY, says his wife has been his support system since he became famous.

Show business comes with a lot of pressure and the ’30 Days in Atlanta’ star says he has managed to keep it together because of his wife, Mabel Makun.

“You get to a certain position where you are bound to lose it,” he said while speaking with Emma Ugolee on The Gista Hip TV show.

“You need somebody who will be there doing all the nudging and prodding, reminding you and telling you this is how to do it or this is not how to do it. I have that kind of person in my wife.

“As humans, there are times you just lose it for a second. Not because it’s something you want to do but because of the pressure.

“For example, there are a lot of people who don’t even know what you’re going through but they just believe because you’re in a certain position they must get the kind of attention they need.

“My support system is my wife because I give out my personal number a lot and people abuse it. When I’m upset my wife will remind me this is part of the business so you just have to be nice.”

AY and Mabel have been married for 10 years with one child, Michelle Makun.

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