Adunni Ade, Nollywood actress, says she has attempted suicide in the past as a result of her troubled relationship.


The American-born Nigerian actress and model revealed this in an interview with Motherhood In-style magazine where she opened up about life as a single parent and shared details of her personal challenges in life.

During the interview, Adunni explained why she was not with the father of her children.

“I just had to make the decision through it took me a long time to realize or stop lying to myself that it was never going to work out even though I tried as much as I could. I just decided that is what’s best for me is to walk away and still be here and be with my kids and still have the opportunity of being the best mother possible, so yeah I had t make that decision,” she said.


“It was really tough, it was really painful; I think that hurt me the most out of anything I have ever been through in my life, walking away was the hardest thing to do.”

The actress also spoke about how she suffered from depression as a result and how the fear of losing her life, leaving her kids and a professional intervention helped to get her through it all.

“I think the major thing that got me through was the fear that somebody else would raise my children if I sat in that relationship, that was the scariest thing for me, that my kids see somebody else as their mother,” she said.


“Depression is no joke, a lot of people in this country, Nigeria; don’t want to admit that depression is an illness. People don’t know the extent to which it affects the mind. Not a lot of people know this; in the past I have tried to commit suicide because it was just too much, just too much for me but I guess God loves me enough to still keep me here,” Adunni added.

The actress has two sons, a five-year-old and an eight-year-old.

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