A new study has shown that balding men can regrow their lost hair.


During the study conducted at Stanford and Yale, 66 alopecia areata patients took a pill called Xeljanz, which is prescribed for people with rheumatoid arthritis, another autoimmune disease.

Thomas, an alias to protect the privacy of a 40-year-old man who participated in the study, said he always viewed himself as a “freak”.

“I’m in the real estate business, and I’m active in my community, but I started to shy away from people,” said Thomas.


“It affects every part of your life. I got very depressed, and it was horrible”

This year, after taking a small white pill for arthritis, Thomas’ hair grew back within seven months.

“It’s incredible. I’m so happy to have it back,” said an elated Thomas.


According to CNN, more than half of the study subjects had new hair growth while a third recovered more than 50% of their hair loss.

In a separate study, nine of 12 patients with alopecia areata recovered more than 50% of hair regrowth using a similar drug, Jakafi, which is approved for cancer treatment.

Researchers say this is potentially great news for people with alopecia, but what does this mean for people which the more common ‘Male Pattern Baldness’ or MPB which is mostly hereditary?

Thomas’ head may have the answers to the mystery of MPB.


Dermatologists are torn between skepticism and optimism as to whether the ointment containing Xeljanz will or will not get rid of male pattern baldness.

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