Anxiety has continued to mount among users of WhatsApp, a US-owned cross-platform messaging service, following the company’s latest move amid concerns over its controversial privacy policy.


The spotlight has continued to beam on the Facebook-owned platform after it announced that its two billion users must either accept its updated terms and conditions or stop using its application.

WhatsApp had initially fixed February 8 as its cut-off date but later extended it to May 15 despite the criticisms that trailed the development.

But on Wednesday, WhatsApp heightened fears among its users after it uploaded a status on its users’ devices to provide updates about its forthcoming policy.


In a set of four status posts from a contact named ‘WhatsApp’, the messaging app tried to douse concerns regarding user privacy while assuring users of the safety of the platform after its recent update.

“Whatsapp is now on Status! We’ll let you know about new features and updates here,” the status post read.


“One thing that isn’t new is our commitment to privacy. Whatsapp can’t read or listen to your personal conversations as they are end-to-end encrypted.”

Although the status disappeared after a few hours, screenshots of it went viral on social media with many users expressing their shock and disapproval on Twitter.

Some users also fear the possible introduction of unsolicited adverts by the company.

“#WhatsApp trying to win the privacy war against Signal. But we already know what it is, the strategy they are using ain’t going to help, they rather come clean and update their privacy policy to giving actual privacy to their users,” a user wrote.


“Mark Zuckerberg rented a space on my WhatsApp stories tab to drop a message for me about how he cares about my privacy. Thanks for the reassurance, I look forward to the customised Ads on WhatsApp,” another user wrote.

TheCable Lifestyle had reported how Signal and Telegram have continued to witness a surge of users amid the dusts over WhatsApp’s privacy policy.

Here is what some users had to say:



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