Angela Nwosu says she ignores allegations by social media trolls to avoid offending her partner.


The actress spoke of how social media could get in the way of her marriage to Austin Nnaemeka, her husband.

In a chat with BBC, Nwosu said her husband warned she might have to quit Facebook if she got involved in drama.

“One of the major reasons why I don’t set aside time for all these people isn’t even about maturity. I’ve been warned that I might have to quit Facebook if I ever engage in unnecessary drama with trolls,” Nwosu said in Igbo.


“And my husband is strong-willed. Once he says it, he hardly changes his mind. I don’t bother defending myself in baseless social media rumours and arguments. Whatever you hear about me, I accept. It’s true. Just let me be.

“I can’t afford to go defending myself all the time because I fear losing my marriage. I hope you understand.”

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Angela Nwosu and Austin Nnaemeka

Nwosu had walked down the aisle with Nnaemeka, who is a movie director and businessman, back in 2019.

Apart from acting, the Anambra-born Nollywood figure identifies as a social media influencer and philanthropist.

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