Yes, it is excess waste that must be expunged from the body, but faeces also help to ascertain overall human health.


In separate interviews with NAN in Lagos, different medical experts advised against flushing waste immediately after passing it out, saying a look at it can help in detecting one’s health status.

Dr Akinyemi Olaleye, a Lagos-based Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, said doctors would always ask questions about body emissions because of their relevance to diagnosing many health problems.

“What comes out of our bodies as waste could give a clue to a health situation. The colour, size, shape, consistency and odour of human waste could ascertain one’s health status,” he said.


“For instance, if you notice that suddenly your stool is unusually dark, tarry or bright red, it could be an indication that there is some form of bleeding internally, especially if no multivitamins had been ingested within the period.

“A pale grey stool may indicate the absence of bile, which may suggest problems such as hepatitis, cirrhosis or a blockage in the bile duct, only if the individual has not consumed antacids.’’

Dr Austin Afume, a medical officer at the General Hospital, Ikorodu, advised individuals who have a steady weight loss and observe that their stool regularly contain undigested food materials, to seek medical attention.


Another Lagos-based consultant Paediatrician, Dr Ijeoma Fadipe, said a “wealth of information” could be gathered from microscopically-screened body waste during medical examination.

Fadipe urged individuals to pay attention to their bodies and report any unusual difference they might find, with regard to their body emissions.

“A radical change in your child’s stool from the usual should not be taken for granted; it may be indicative, please check with your doctor,” Fadipe advised.

Yet another physician, Dr Usifo Aikpokpo, said that sweet smelling urine could be a clue to a serious condition.


“It is telling that there is presence of blood sugar excreted in the urine, probably a filter damage in the kidney,” he said.

He advised people to be alert to any change or oddity in their body waste and seek medical help.



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