Franklyn Amudo, former manager to Afrobeats singer, D’banj, says Seyitan Babatayo, who is accusing the artiste of raping her, was paid $100 after the incident in 2018.


Babatayo publicly made the accusations on June 3, 2020, claiming that the incident happened in a hotel room in Glee Hotel, Victoria Island.

D’banj, born Oladapo Oyebanjo, has denied the allegations and sued her to the tune of N1.5 billion.

In an interview with Goldmyne, Amudo said Seyitan first told him about the incident in 2018.


He said he contacted Aja Mohammed, one of the singer’s close friends, afterwards who told him that the alleged victim was offered the said sum, which according to him, Seyitan said was “money for medications”.

“Upon getting to Ghana, I just saw that my phone kept on ringing because we were on the bus, and it was Seyitan. We were in the car to the apartment so I didn’t pick,” he told the news outlet.

“When we got to the apartment, I put on the wifi then I saw her message and I called her back and asked why she was calling me.


“The first question she asked was that ‘were you aware that D’banj was coming to my room?’ I said no because first of all D’banj doesn’t even know my room, and he didn’t even lodge at Glee hotel.”

“That was when she made the allegation that D’banj came into her room and had forceful carnal knowledge of her. She sent it via voice note. I can even play it for you.

“I was disturbed. I called Chizzy and told him about it and we spoke. Let’s not forget that D’banj’s wife was also on that trip with us and we were all staying at an Airbnb apartment.

“I could not bring up the topic because of that. I called Aja Mohammed in Lagos, told him about it and asked for his take on the issue. He was like ‘Franklyn don’t bother yourself, it has been resolved’.


“He said he had given the girl involved $100. Then I called Seyitan to confirm about the $100 and why she is still talking about rape, she got angry.

“Seyitan in the same voice note said she was not trying to clout, that she just wanted me to know the kind of people I was working with and I said noted. That was the end of our conversation.”

Amodu, who stopped working with the singer in 2018, said he maintained his silence since the accusations were made public because he did not want to get involved in an incident he didn’t witness.


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