Atunyota Alleluya Akporobomerere, a comedian whose stage name Ali Baba, says it’s hard for famous people to know who loves them genuinely.


Ali Baba, regarded as the king of Nigerian comedy, recently gave his two cents on how to last long in the entertainment industry.

He attributed longevity to humility, respect of everyone, hard work, and choosing a spouse that understands the industry.

Speaking on The Gist with Emma Ugolee, the comedian said: “I was taught by my dad to be hard working. I was taught the value system you don’t see around these days. I learnt to work hard from the age of 16.


“Those things begin to add to the person you become and fortify you when you have to go to the storms of fame and the pools of popularity and those evils associated with being popular.

“The reason some people don’t last long in the entertainment industry is that they have a shortfall of religious backing, values, humble beginning.

“When they stumble into wealth, they lack the proper understanding to manage it. The guy who doesn’t know how to manage 2, 000, gets into fame and has N2m. The first thing he wants to do is buy the most expensive car.


“As soon as you hit fame, it begins to be difficult to know who loves you. In this business, your career will die depending on the spouse you choose.

“If you choose a spouse that does not understand the intricate dynamic of the industry, you won’t last. Some people do not quite understand the reward of respect.

“When you show respect and pad it up with humility, it will take you a longer distance than fame would have taken you.”


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