A high intake of alcohol in a short space of time might upset your heart rhythm, a new study warns.


Researchers at the University Hospital of Munich, Germany arrived at the conclusion after a study was carried out on 3,000 volunteers.

The volunteers, who were deemed sober enough to take part in the tests, had their heart rhythm traces taken using a mobile phone app while they partied.

They found that the odds of heart arrhythmia increased as beer consumption went up.


5 per cent of the volunteers were found to have atrial fibrillation which is linked to an increased risk of stroke and heart failure.

“What we have found is that alcohol does interfere with heart rhythm, which hasn’t been shown like this before,” said Moritz Sinner, assistant professor of medicine at University Hospital, Munich.

“What we still don’t know is what happens after people stop drinking or continue to drink. What happens the next day or the day after?” he added.


The journal was published in European Heart Journal.

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