Tunde Leye, the Nigerian author, has announced the release date for ‘Afonja the Fall’, the sequel to his critically acclaimed novel ‘Afonja the Rise’.


‘Afonja the Rise’ is the first installment in his historical fiction series based on the Oyo Empire.

‘Afonja The Fall’, Leye revealed to TheCable Lifestyle in a statement, is due to be released in March 2022.

The new book will continue the story of the warrior, Afonja, through the various political events of the 17th century Oyo Empire and what led to the decline of the empire’s military outpost, Ilorin.


‘Afonja The Fall’ will also trace the legendary warlord’s journey as he pursues his desire to claim his promised Kakanfo title.

The book will spotlight how his megalomania makes him metamorphose into a man who considers himself infallible, a factor that led to his eventual demise.

Tunde Leye

In ‘Afonja the Fall’, Leye brings the history of the greatest Yoruba kingdom to life, employing vivid storytelling to highlight the political intrigues and schemes that played out in the twilight of the Oyo Empire.


The titular character’s journey blends with other notable players working to achieve their own commercial or political interests in the novel.

Leye said he presented the characters in ‘Afonja the Fall’ as ordinary people with hopes, dreams, and ambitions beyond their more significant roles, giving readers a better understanding of these figures from Yoruba History.

“Afonja’s story is important because it personifies the story of the Yoruba people: how the identity became what it is today and lays the foundation for understanding why the Yoruba people and culture is so widespread,” he added.

According to the author, ‘Afonja The Fall’ will be available on the Tunde Leye website in the coming days.


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