Adele Laurie Adkins, popular British singer, is best known for her unique songs and powerful voice.


The 10-time Grammy award winner, who likes to keep away from public eye, divulged a lot in a recent interview with Vanity Fair.

Here are fifteen things you probably don’t know about her.

1. She loves driving herself


2. She suffered depression after having her son

3. She couldn’t speak for seven weeks after a vocal surgery in 2011

4. For her, having a child together is a bigger commitment than being married


5. Money isn’t as important as creating music

6. She suffers from stage fright

7. She doesn’t dance

8. She doesn’t endorse commercial products or commercials


9. She gets “pissed off” when people in the audience check their phones

“People would rather have a photo to show to people than actually enjoy a moment,” she said.

“It’s weird—when I first started out, nearly 10 years ago, no one had their phones out. I’d go onstage to people. Now I go onstage to 18,000 phones. It’s pretty because of the lights . . . but no one is actually looking at the world—they’re on their phones all the time.”

10. She used to be a massive drinker but stopped because of her child


11. She doesn’t think she ever write songs as good as the ones on 21, her sophomore album.

“I can see from an outsider’s perspective that I will never write songs as good as the ones that are on 21, but I’m not as indulgent as I was then, and I don’t have time to fall apart like I did then. I was completely off my face writing that album, and a drunk tongue is an honest one,” the Hello singer said.

“I would drink two bottles of wine, and I would chain-smoke. Then I’d write the lyrics down and the next morning think, that’s quite good. Then I’d find the melody. But since I’ve had my baby, I’m not as carefree as I used to be.”

12. She considers herself a “wailer” than a singer


13. She doesn’t want to date anyone in the show business

“I have no desire to be with anyone in show business, because we all have egos.”

14. She is drawn to sad music

“The music I’ve always been drawn to is sad. I’ve always been pretty melancholy. Obviously not as much in my real life as the songs are, but I have a very dark side. I’m very available to depression. I can slip in and out of it quite easily.

15. She wants to sing in a Broadway play when she is 50.

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