It is often difficult for many ladies to express interest in the opposite sex and for those who do, they end up having an awkward situation on their hands.


Some women are too shy to make the first move. These lot would rather hope that the man would read their minds and approach them at some point while some would rather let those feelings die than show interest.

If you belong to any of these groups, here are nine ways to express interest in a man.

Pay attention to him


No matter who they are, every human likes attention, in fact, some people live for it. A good way to make him know that you are interested is by paying attention to him.

You have to be careful not to overdo this as you could come across as needy.

Be warm and/or flirt – as flirting is not for everyone


This would have been all about flirting but seeing as some people cannot flirt to save their lives, an easier way is to be warm around and towards the man you’re after. Don’t be cold and uptight.

Make an effort to look nice around him

You have most likely heard the saying that men are moved by what they see. Appeal to his sensibilities and make an effort to look nice around him. If he is the outspoken type, he will give you a compliment and both of you can start talking from there.

Be friends with his friends


When guys are around their friends, they talk a lot and their friends have the ability to influence them. Being friends with his friends will mean that you get to spend more time with him without worrying about any awkwardness.

Also, his friends might notice that you feel something for him and say something about it to him. If he had not noticed before, he will surely notice afterward.

Engage him in small talk but make him feel at ease

At times when you find yourself alone with him, don’t leave room for awkward silence. Make small talk and keep him in his comfort zone, don’t put him on the spot so that he doesn’t start making conscious efforts to avoid you.


Occasionally praise his achievements

Men like to have their egos stroked. Compliment something unusual about him; that way he will feel at ease with you.

Remember not to do it too much or he will think you don’t mean the things you say.

Drop your ego and keep it real. (Don’t taunt or tease)


This is where most women get it wrong; they forget to be real. Perhaps they feel like they are not good enough hence the extra layer of pretense.

Remember that you will not say yes to every guy that asks you out, it’s the same here so be real. It’s his bad if he doesn’t like what he sees.

Be real, tell him what is on your mind.

Body contact

This is for the strong-hearted; a touch here and there is a surefire way to let him you are interested.

Tell him flat out

If you have come this far, you might as well eat the humble pie and tell him. The worst thing you will get is a NO and it is not the end of the world.

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