The liver is the body’s largest gland and its primary objective is to keep you toxin-free.

It also provides support to every other organ in the body in one way or the other. A person cannot survive without a healthy liver.

Treat it with care by avoiding processed foods and poisons of all sorts.

Here are nine common habits that are harmful to tis organ.


Excessive alcohol consumption poses the most significant threat to the liver.

Drinking too much alcohol can lead to alcoholic liver disease. This is often the precursor to more severe stages of liver disease.

Not urinating in the morning

This is a dangerous habit. Resisting the urge to urinate can not only damage your liver, but also your kidneys. Stop it!

Eating too much

Excess fat in your body always finds its way into your liver.

That’s why obesity can contribute to fatty liver disease. Often times, there are no perceptible symptoms until it’s too late. When symptoms do manifest, the liver is already so badly damaged that it is barely functioning.

Symptoms include feeling tired, weakness, nausea, confusion and trouble concentrating.

Drugs overuse

The liver performs the role of breaking down substances that are supplied from the mouth, including medicines, herbs, and supplements.

However, consumption of all these in excess can slowly harm the liver and lead to a mild to severe liver failure.


There are numerous side-effects of smoking and liver damage is one of them. The effect of cigarette smoke impacts the organ indirectly.

The toxic chemicals present in cigarette smoke gradually reach the liver and cause oxidative stress, producing free radicals that damage liver cells.

Sleep deprivation

The reality is that the body is designed so that at certain times in the night, it carries out certain detoxification processes.

Your lymphatic system, for example, carries out detoxification first. Around twelve and two in the morning, the liver does its own.

They are processes that are carried out properly only when you are in a deep sleep. If you break these natural cycles in your body frequently, you will end up feeling it in the long run.

It is essential to get at least eight hours of sleep.

Processed foods

Eating high amount of processed foods can be harmful to the liver.

Processed foods are often loaded with preservatives, additives, and artificial sweeteners.

Vitamin B deficiency

Vitamin B12, mainly available in meat, is used by the liver to help with the flow of bile, so make sure you don’t have vitamin b12 deficiency.

Vitamin B aids in the liver’s detoxification roles and they can be found in dried fruits and nuts, egg yolks, poultry, fish, legumes and brown rice.

Skipping breakfast

When you wake up, your energy reserves of glucose are very low.

It is a state that affects your liver and prevents it from getting the energy needed to perform its essential functions.

Pack in a healthy breakfast every morning to make sure you’ve set a non-toxic, non-processed, nutrient rich standard for the rest of your day.

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