Fashion trends change constantly and there is nothing wrong with moving with the trends.


However, some basic rules of fashion are sacrosanct and they don’t change, regardless of change in trend and/or fad.

Here are 8 basic fashion rules for men.

Rules for shoes and belt


Not every Nigerian man is guilty of this but some of them still belong to the “Anything goes with black” generation.

As a gentleman, you must always match your belt with your shoes.

This means that a gingerbread (a shade of brown) belt must be paired with shoes of the same colour not chocolate (another shade of brown) shoes.


According to your height

For tall men, outfits with horizontal lines are most desirable. This prevents you from appearing too tall with no flesh on you. It helps to break your appearance.

For short men on the other hand, outfits with vertical lines make you appear taller and it helps the eye travel smoothly along your body.

“Sagging” or wearing trousers below the waist is not advisable.


Trousers should be worn high and the cut should be as high as the crotch; it gives the impression of longer legs.



If a phone is creating the bulge, hold it in your hands. If it’s your wallet, reduce the items in the wallet.


A bulky pocket is very unattractive.

When choosing a tie

The basic rule of wearing a tie is that the tie must be darker than the shirt. Your tie is expected to make a statement not fade into the shirt.

Make sure that you pair larger patterned ties with shirts that have small patterns, you don’t want to look sore on the eyes.


Make sure that the colour of your shirt can be found anywhere on your tie in the case of a patterned tie. Make sure your tie ends at the beginning of your belt not beyond your belt.

Bag choice

When aiming for the professional look, do not carry a backpack.

The excuse often given is that a backpack is more comfortable but a gentleman should always carry a briefcase or a messenger bag.


The first thing is to make sure your suit fits. Do not button the lower button of your double buttoned jacket.

It’s a jacket not a shirt. When you are about to take a seat, unbutton your jacket, it gives your body more room.

When wearing a suit, the colour of your shoes must match the colour of your suit since your belt is not visible to anyone.

Shoes for native wears

When rocking the traditional outfit, please avoid any form of dress shoes or shoes with laces.

If you must wear leather slippers on a native outfit, make sure it is classy and you are only allowed to wear this when you are aiming for the casual look.

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