Travelling by road can be stressful and tiring, which is why most people (who can afford it) prefer to go by air when they have to travel long distance.


However, travelling by road can be a great way to relax, enjoy the scenery of various locations and gives you time to play catch up with yourself.

There are various ways to enjoy your journey if you intend to travel by road.

Here are seven of them.


Dress comfortably

The first step in enjoying your trip is to be comfortable in whatever you wear. From your underwear to your jacket, avoid outfits with straps because they can become uncomfortable after some time.

Loosely fitted clothes are perhaps the best clothing choice while going on a road trip.


Light hand luggage

Some of us like having a backpack or bag with us while travelling. This is a good idea because having your purse, phone, book and food nearby makes them easily accessible.

However, you have to make sure that this bag is light because if it is too heavy, you’ll have to sacrifice the space meant for your legs to accommodate the bag or carry it on your lap which could become really uncomfortable after some time.

Buy your ticket early


You have to be very smart while choosing your seat because you will be stuck there till the end of the trip – so book early.

You can choose to sit by the window or by the aisle. If you are not a very patient person, sitting beside a child might not be a good idea because you’d have to deal with a lot of movements.

Entertain yourself

Travelling by road will give you time to finish that book, listen to an album or watch that movie you’ve postponed watching.


You can even use that time for self-reflection, anything to keep yourself entertained.

If you’re plying that route for the first time, you can look out the window to enjoy the scenery— you will surely see a lot while travelling across Nigeria.

Take a nap

The breeze while travelling in a bus is awesome and the movement of the bus would almost rock you to sleep.


Taking a nap during a bus trip is not a bad idea but you’ll have to find a comfortable position.

Meet someone new

Chatting with the passenger seated next to you during the journey can be a great idea. You are both headed the same way and you could learn new things from the person.

Some friendships last a lifetime and could translate to other things so when next you travel by road, try to meet someone new.

Don’t forget a blanket

This does not have to be a large blanket that would add to your luggage, it could be a large scarf. All you need it for is warmth when it gets too cold for comfort.

Something to eat

Make sure you take along your snacks and drink when travelling if you are wary of buying edibles on the road.

You need to keep hunger pangs at bay during the trip and you are not sure whether the snacks provided are safe. Save yourself the headache and take along your own snack.

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