In this internet age, it’s very hard to avoid a computer infection. Even if you have a working anti-virus programme, those little buggers always find a way to slip in when no one is watching.


For better understanding, let’s start with the differences between “viruses” and “malware”.

Viruses are a specific type of malware that is designed to replicate and spread, while malware is a broad term used to describe all sorts of unwanted or malicious code.

Malware can include viruses, spyware, adware, nagware, trojans, worms, and more.


Here are 7 ways to tell if your computer is infected and needs attention.

Slow speed

Is your computer all of a sudden acting like the tortoise and not the hare? You’re pretty sure it was faster when you first got it right? Don’t just ignore that because malware has been known to slow down computers; taking longer to boot or programs take forever to open.


Although a slow system may be as a result of low RAM memory and or low hard disk space, it’s best to check it out.


Have you ever been trying to get work done on the internet and those annoying pop-up windows start appearing randomly out of nowhere? It’s not random, it’s a virus. A random virus maybe. These pop-ups have a tendency to carry in more viruses as they come.

System crashes 


Regular system crashes are a sign of bad health. Just imagine fainting every hour… won’t you go see a doctor? Every time your computer crashes and a blue screen appears with a lot of jargon you don’t understand you better get that checked.

New browser homepage, new toolbars, and unwanted websites

Those websites you have no recollection of opening. And who changed your home page? There’s only so much a computer can do without the user inputting a command. Malware does a lot without your consent.

Disabled security


Some viruses are designed to come in and cripple your defence. If your firewall is down, your anti-virus not functioning, then you have a problem.

People are getting strange messages from you 

Well for starters, your account may be hacked. Make sure you always log out and set super strong passwords. On the other hand, your computer may just be infected.

Strange activity


Have you noticed any weird activity on your computer? Programs opening and closing on their own? Flickering and what not. As I type this the icons on my taskbar are flickering. My computer needs a check-up. Attend to yours too.

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