The heat in town these days is so bad that you sometimes wonder if you’re still on earth or already in hell! It’s so scorching out there and there is no telling as to when it will get better.


Still, we have to learn to cope in this weather. It is also necessary to stay healthy this period because there are so many heat-related diseases. Here are seven ways to survive in this weather:

Drink lots of water than you will normally do

Always have a bottle or container of water at all times. Do not wait until you are thirsty, to drink water. Your body loses fluids through sweating and this period is when you tend to sweat a lot so it is essential to replace bodily fluids. If you are not going to the toilet every two to three hours, then you are not doing it right.

Switch to natural fabrics

Synthetic fabrics retain moisture and that causes more heat. It is essential to stay cool and for this reason, go with fabrics that are light and would not absorb heat. Also avoid wearing thick fabrics, even if natural. Go with brighter colours of materials.


Regulate exercise and workout time and routine

During workout, the body normally adjusts to the heat. But these natural cooling systems may fail if you’re exposed to high temperatures for a long time. If you are new to exercise or you are unfit, be sure what your body can handle and take breaks during your workout. If you begin to feel tightness in your head, or you are weak or dizzy, you need to stop and cool down. And if after 30 minutes you still feel dizzy, you may need to seek medical attention. Also if you take long walks, then at every chance you get, you should stop to cool down under a shaded area.

Take showers as often as possible

When you begin to feel restless and you feel so hot, hop into the bathroom and take a shower. If you are not where you can do so, wet a hand towel and place behind your neck. You can also use it to rub your face. This helps to cool the body temperature.

Carry a hand fan and a face towel

These two are the essential items one must have in this weather.


Avoid taking alcohol, including beer

Also avoid caffeinated beverages. Taking alcohol and caffeinated drinks affects the body and reduces its ability to deal with the heat. Taking this also leaves you needing more fluid. No matter how sweet or refreshing they are, they are not helping but harming you. Switch to water.

Apply dusting powder or calamine lotion

As often as possible, apply dusting powder or calamine lotion. This acts as a soothing agent and helps cool the body.

If you notice someone having a heat stroke, the first thing to do is get them out of the heat and then remove the outer layers of clothing. Lay them down with the legs elevated, and fan them. If the person has dry skin, apply wet compresses, then seek medical assistance.

For someone who has suffered from heat exhaustion or heat stroke before, you’re at a higher risk of getting a heat sickness again.


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