They say men cheat. We say, women do too. The thing with women is, because of the stereotype associated with the male folks, it is easier enough to almost get away with it. if you’re a guy and you think your girl may be acting a certain’ unusual way, here are eight ways to know she’s cheating. 


She becomes somewhat cold. She finds you a lot less interesting and sooner than later, she transitions into the monosyllabic responses and intentional omissions as well as sudden quietness.

She becomes demanding. Miss independent hops out of the window and in comes this new person who is financially demanding and wanting everything she asks for no matter how expensive it is. Someone else is showing her he can do better. 

She loses respect. Once she starts losing respect for you and making snide remarks at everything you do or say or respond rudely to a simple question, it is because she holds someone else in high regard and you don’t mean that way to her anymore. 


Increased headaches in bed. She begins to deny you of sex by giving excuses not to every time you make an attempt to have sex with her. There is someone else out there making her feel good and you have become a stranger she doesn’t want touching her body. 

Constantly not available. She avoids visits and being visited by you. Every time you ask her to sleep over she gives excuses of having to work late or being on her monthly period. 

Subtle social network updates. She begins to post subtle messages on her BBM status or via her twitter with #lonely #sad as suffixes. She wants to leave you for another but is feeling guilty.


Test your feelings. She puts up a supposed rich and handsome guy as her wallpaper or display pictures on social networks. 

Marriage rants begin. When she starts on this, know that someone out there is ready to make her his wife and she just needs as much as a nudge from you to prove her otherwise.

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