There is a pre-existing notion that long distance relationships are a no-no when it comes to commitment to one person. This is because half of the time, they don’t last. Some relationships end at the brink of the trip to be far away from your loved one.


However, 40 per cent of that number have indeed turned out to be positive in terms of long distance relationships working. In fact, a young happy lad in love whom it worked for perfectly, share tips on how effective his long distance to his girlfriend was and the steps to take to make it work.

Communication. It’s a no brainer that communication is paramount in a relationship. But in the case of a long distance relationship, it is double the effort. It means 99 per cent of the time you’re in constant communication via any means and methods possible.

Embrace Sexting. The greatest challenge that comes with long distance relationship is the fact that you practically swear to celibacy when you distance away from your partner. It means you must be chaste and make sure to not fall for temptation. How to make this rub of easy on you is if you form a habit of sexting. Whether by video, call or text, virtual sex will be your knight in shining armour that will liberate you from the temptations that will come to you because they will, and because we are humans, if not careful will fall.


Visit once a month. Make sure you ensure in every way you can that you fix a visit at least once a month each. Hence once in two weeks you get to see each other and together with the communication, you don’t get to miss much. Make the most of time. Although you may want to play catch up (physically) of your various escapades, you might want to save that for when you’re practising step one and cease the opportunity to go out on a romantic date at a new place with each visit. Explore the city in which your lover lives, while holding onto each other. That memory will keep you till the next visit.

Use her as your display picture 90% of the time. Because the existence of a relationship doesn’t exactly wade off potentials, being in a long distance relationship make you more susceptible to relationship leeches. For this method you may have to adopt the beautiful gift of technology and its benefits by using his/her picture as your social network display picture 99 per cent of the time. This of course will not completely annihilate the potentials but it will reduce them to a barest minimum.

Discipline. However, if you have any form of discipline or self-control, you wouldn’t necessarily need to do the previous step as you would remember that it is cheating and everything you’ve worked for up until this step will go to waste and you can’t afford that happening. So you don’t even entertain it at all.


Sex, a lot of it. Sex creates a bond between two lovers both physically and emotionally and staying away from someone you love for a long time will tell quickly. So be sure to have a mind blowing unforgettable sex when next you visit to keep you through till the next visit.

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