Lagos is infamous for its traffic jams which can push even the calmest person to the throes of frustration.

This is due to the hefty population of around 21 million according to the National Population Commission of Nigeria.

Many other states are also plagued with traffic jams due to bad roads, bad road planning, or roads that just aren’t wide enough.

Since we can’t make cars disappear off the road at will, here are six tips to make being stuck in traffic tolerable.

Have a great playlist

Always have a playlist that can lift your spirit out of the deepest gutters.

Burn a CD or use an auxiliary cord if your car has that feature. If you’re taking public transport, make sure to have your earphones handy.

Snack on something

You’ll be surprised how fast time will go and how distracted you’ll be when you’re constantly chewing on something.

It’s no surprise street hawkers are present in every traffic jam. They’re probably making a great profit from your misfortune.

Don’t let the situation get to you

It’s very easy to get angered when you’re in a traffic jam.

So keep a positive mindset and accept the situation for what it is. Worrying will not turn your car into a plane.

It’s also best to not react to ‘yellow-bus’ drivers as they have a reputation of provoking drivers. Respond with indifference and stay happy.

Stay cool

Air conditioners have never been more essential. There isn’t a worse combination than Lagos heat and traffic jams.

An air conditioner can take away one factor that can lead to frustration.

If your vehicle is not AC enabled, always dress light. Light fabrics and light colors help reduce sweating.

Service your car regularly

Do you know what is worse than your car breaking down? Your car breaking down in traffic, followed by the insults of equally frustrated Nigerians.

Prevention is better than cure. Always make sure your vehicle is performing in top shape before hitting the road.

Time to reflect

If you don’t have music or money to buy snacks, this is a good time to zone out and reflect on your life.

Evaluate what you’ve done wrong so far and what you can do better in days to come.

Make the most of every situation.

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