A Nigerian singer identified as Terungwa Ikon has been killed and dumped in the Benue River.


Catherine Anene, the spokesperson of the Benue police, confirmed Ikon’s death to TheCable Lifestyle on Wednesday.

Anene said the deceased was first reported missing on April 23.

The police PRO said the information came last week that he had been killed and dumped by a group of cultists.


Anene disclosed that 13 persons have so far been arrested in connection with the murder. She said they confessed that they belong to a cult group.

She added that six of the arrested suspects confirmed they were present when the murder took place.

“He was reported missing on April 13. The command started an investigation. We looked for him until the info was received last week that a group of cultists killed him and dumped him in the River Benue,” Anene said.


“Some of them were arrested and they confessed to that crime. In all, 13 persons were arrested. The 13 persons said they belong to the same cult. Six of them, in particular, were aware of the incident.

“They were present when the killing happened. Some others who were present at the river bank when he was killed are still at large, particularly the leader who they call the capone. He’s yet to be found.”

Anene also said the corpse of the deceased, whose stage name was Ortrees, is yet to be recovered.

“We have these suspects in custody and we will continue to trail others that have been mentioned. There are confessions. But unfortunately, we do not have the corpse at hand because it was never recovered,” she said.


“From the 13th of April until now, the command can only try to check records.

“But most corpses that go into the water, you may not recover them. It would have been good for the command to see it, since they told us they allowed him to float, on water.”

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