Flirting is the art of showing interest in a person and it can be done in various stages of human relation; whether at a first-time meeting or when trying to add spice to your relationship.


Thanks to social media, there is a platform for initial build up before moving to the real thing. However, there are some things to look out for if you want to get that person on the same page with you.

Flirting is not excessive nicety

This applies to male and female. Some people want to be seen as nice in the eyes their crush so they go the extra mile and even overdo it.


Sometimes, this does not go down well with the receiving party so it would do a whole world of good if you would turn the nice meter down.

Avoid monosyllabic responses

Monosyllabic responses are a good way of killing conversations. Responding with monosyllabic responses is not playing hard to get, it’s squeezing the life out of the whatever attraction exists.


Playing hard to get does not help

This especially goes to the ladies who have the mindset that playing hard to get is the best way to show their value.

Playing hard to get does not help a budding relationship. When a guy chases for too long, he will eventually get tired and back off, except if that’s what you wanted all along.

Not answering his questions because you want to sound mysterious


An air of mystery can be good to add spice to attraction but please don’t overdo it.

Don’t lie

When the attraction is newly budding, you will get tempted to think that having the same interests will help things get along faster.

Folks, do not fall into that trap. Lying is exhausting; don’t be scared to be your own person. You know what they say, variety is the spice of life.


Social media stalking is a huge turnoff

We have all watched movies where the lead character has a weird stalker; that’s exactly what social media stalking feels like.

Liking every Facebook post, commenting on Instagram posts and retweeting on Twitter is a huge turnoff. You even sent an invite on LinkedIn and Linda Ikeji Social… only you?

Please use the data to stream Youtube videos.


Intellectual showoff

Yes, you are very intelligent, in fact, it’s probably one of the things the person you’re flirting with, likes about you.

But your intelligence will take you nowhere if you do not learn to respect other people’s opinion.

The whole aim of flirting with someone is to take it to the next level, not to make them feel like a fool at every point in the conversation.

Not accepting compliments

This goes to everyone who does not know how to deal with compliments, a simple thank you would do. Waving off every compliment or trying to excuse every compliment as flattery is not so nice.

Giving compliments at every point

We have surely met one of those people who behave as though they just got back from Pluto. Every human task successfully carried out seems like an incredible accomplishment.

In the case of a budding relationship, one party— especially the guys — often feel the need to make other party feel special by giving compliments at every point made.

Don’t do that. Don’t!

Expecting your crush to read your mind

Looks and actions are very important in flirting but it does not mean that you should not speak. To avoid losing intentions in transit, please speak; your crush is not a psychic.

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