It’s less than two days to Christmas and the thumping in your heart is your mind hammering that you haven’t picked out the gifts for the people in your life.


Yes, you reading this, I am referring to you. You know exactly what I am talking about.

I’ll not even lie, Christmas is a great holiday but it doesn’t fail to come with its responsibility – gifting people.

Perhaps even the greatest lesson the Christmas holiday teaches us each year is generosity and love.


So if you’re on the table of people who are yet to get ready the gifts for their loved ones, consider us your Genie in a Bottle – here with the best online vendors selling the best of the best gift packages in Lagos.

Please note that the list drawn up in this article is structured in no particular order.

Customized Package The Lekki Gift Company


For a loved one whom you really want to impress, check out The Lekki Gift Company. These guys are not joking when it comes to their packaging and gift customizing business.

What makes The Lekki Gift Co so awesome is the available variety of ranch of gift items which can be customized. The only thing you need to do is say the word, and it will be settled. If you’ll be gifting a book lover, a tea lover, wine lover, snack buff, or whiskey head, then The Lekki Gift Co has got you covered.

This business is fully operational online and deliveries can arrive within two days from the delivery time. Of course, you’ll need to double-check with the vendor when placing your order how long your delivery would take.

Rest assured that when the package gets in the hands of the receiver, they’d sure be tearing up for joy.


You know what they say about, “better soup na your money kill am?” Yeah, that’s the case with The Lekki Gift Co – the more money you have to spare, the fuller the gift box you order.

A Pair Of Shoes From Style Of Lagos

The first time I stumbled on a picture of a pair of shoes from Style Of Lagos, I almost did a backflip. The shoes sold by this vendor are neat, classy, and (wait for it…) affordable!

With even as low as N5k, you could have a gift item settled for someone. What’s more? The vendor promises that “shoes are delivered neatly boxed”. Isn’t this killing two stones with one bird?


With Style For Lagos, I’ll let you decide if they’re worth trying. As rightfully said, seeing, is believing. And yes, they also operate digitally, so you can place your orders without any hassle.

A Nice Read From Roving Heights

Want to gift a book lover but out of ideas on what to gift them? Simply go simple and order them a nice read from Roving Heights.

This brand name probably rings a bell but if it’s doesn’t, it’s completely cool. Not to brag on their behalf, but these guys know their onions when it comes to books and such onions are hard to come by.


Interestingly, Roving Heights is currently also selling a uniquely packaged journal containing stickers, scripture calendar, words of encouragement and these all come in a cute box.

Info on their Instagram page warns that only a limited number of the journal package is available for sale right now. So, should you want to gift someone this journal, you may want to send them a DM asap!

Pair Of Sunglasses From Mint Eyewear

Mint Eyewear sells those kinds of eyewear that’d have people complimenting you non-stop. In addition to this, the Mint Eyewear brand is so cool, young, and fresh that the receiver of the gift would be proud to be a part of.

To add more to this mix, some of the brand’s eyewear is useful beyond being fashionable items as they block blue light rays. Perfect for that person who lives on Netflix or is always working on their computer.

Did I hear someone say an, “amen?!” thank you, thank you very much.

Customized Package From Gifts By Kiwi

What does the word Kiwi remind you of? Something cute right? Did someone else say, something unique? These are perfect descriptions for the gift packages put together by the Gifts By Kiwi brand.

My absolute favourite gift item is the Name Definition Frame which is basically a frame with a recipient’s photo, overlaid with a personalized write-up.

What could possibly beat this get-up?

Ankara Fabric Journal From EldUgo

Gifting a person big on African prints? Then EldUgo is your plug. This brand sells beautifully crafted Ankara print journals that are so beautiful, at low prices that’s it’s so good to be true.

Again, for this brand, I’ll let the picture on EldUgo page do the talking. When you get this gift for someone and they hug you so tightly out of joy, just send a chill bottle of Malt to my house you hear?

Beauty Care Product From Allure Beauty Store

Nobody has ever gone wrong from considering beauty care products as potential gift items. The wrong could be in the vendor a person patronizes.

And that’s the cool thing about Allure Beauty Store. When it comes to high-quality products, these guys are the kings of beauty care stores.

Not sure that they help wrap up items to be gifted, however, I wouldn’t put it past them because these guys are incredible vendors.

Outdoor Camping Gear From NeziLifestyle

If the phrase, “go outside” excites the person you’ll be gifting, then the perfect Christmas gift for them could well be camping gear from NeziLifestyle.

I’m not going to pretend like I knew this brand before now as I stumbled upon it during my research but the vibe of the brand is something else, and there was no way I’d have passed by without bringing this cool page to your eyes.

So yeah, for any outdoorsy person, gifting them items from NeziLifestyle would be such a great idea.

Tour By Social Prefect

Want to gift an experience? Then booking the recipient a tour by Social Prefect would be the best move.

As usual, the tour guide offers unique packages this festive season. And although you may have to book in advance, the fun will be let loose.

Did I mention Social Prefect is an award-winning tour guide? That’s all the conviction you needed right?

Wood Work From Naija WoodShop

What are the two similarities between Naija WoodShop and a carpenter’s workshop? Wood and Items made from wood.

This is one of my forever favourite brands because of how unique their products are. Imagine having accessories made from fine wood and sold at the scariest affordable prices!

These guys do not get enough accolades because I wonder why not a lot of people know about them yet.

Truthfully, this list has been curated with love and care. I do hope you find the info dished out here useful.

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