A new year is fast approaching and the first day of January is no stranger to people making resolutions they probably won’t keep.


Everyone is guilty of this. On the first day of a New Year, people are high on the dreams and aspirations they did not achieve the previous year.

So they detail a plan; list the things they should start to do and the things they should stop doing, with the sole purpose of bettering their lives.

Here are ten commonly broken New Year resolutions.


Lose weight and get fit

Weight loss is one of the most common New Year resolutions.

Unfortunately, most people’s determination usually lasts just a few weeks and they soon get back to their unhealthy routine.


Quit smoking

Smoking is harmful to your health; it makes your teeth yellow, your clothes smell bad, yet many still indulge.

When eventually, smokers realise that there are no benefits to it, they make an effort to stop.

But the first day in a new year can’t make you magically stop smoking.


It’s best to seek help and inculcate a bit of discipline.

Learn a new skill

Everyone wants to achieve the best versions of themselves and we do this by building our life resume.

We want to learn an instrument or a craft but this inspiration is so often short lived.


Get a new job

Most people aren’t fully satisfied with their current employment status.

And every year, they say to themselves, “this is the year I get a better job”, and will often expect it to land in their laps because they’ve wished it.

Get out of debt and save money


This is pretty common as everyone runs into financial trouble a few times in their lifetime and money is just never enough.

Saving money is the hardest thing to do as most of our needs are insurmountable especially now that Nigeria is sinking in a recession.

Improve a relationship

During Christmas, people tend to be more helpful, kind and warm-hearted. Consequently, they sometimes resolve to improve a relationship with a family member.

But as the holidays breeze away, they fall back into their old ways.

Get organised

Clutter in your room or house causes clutter in the mind.

At the turn of the year, people often resolve to clean out, be organised and have a functional system for day to day activity.

Until life and its worries drown them out once again.

Travel to new places

Some of the first things we tend to think of in a new year are those exotic destinations and foreign countries we would love to see.

But a more important need for your money will always find a way to stop that from happening.

Stop procrastinating

Procrastination kills dreams and ambitions so people resolve to butt that out of their lives for good and become productive.

Like smoking, ditching procrastination in the old year requires a lot of self-discipline.

Learn a new language

Learning a new language is actually easier said than done and a lot of people would often resolve to, but only a few are ever successful.

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