Technology paved the way for portable mobile devices and these devices have made it easier for individuals to carry out tasks on the go.


Despite the universality of mobile apps, there’s no denying that local needs affect the usefulness of these applications.

In no particular order, here are eight of the most useful apps that you should have:



Relying on strangers to give directions can be strenuous for both parties. Wrong information and miscommunication are common occurrences when requesting direction from others.

Thankfully, with the aid of map applications like Google Maps and help for easy navigation.

Taxi-hailing apps


Thanks to the debut of digitally-enhanced transportation platforms, Uber in 2014 and Taxify(now Bolt), two years later, commercial transportation hasn’t been the same in Nigeria.

While both transportation giants are leading names in major Nigerian cities, other smaller brands like OgaTaxi and GoKada are available for use. Having these transportation apps on devices makes moving around easier, hassle-free and provides more accountability tools for both users and drivers.

Ebook reader| Article platforms

If you’re a book lover, then downloading an ebook reader is a great idea. Applications like Medium, Wattpad, offer users the luxury of reading and sharing their written content with other users.


Instant messaging app

Friends, family and loved ones may not always be around but with the help of technology, you can all keep in touch. Telegram and WhatsApp, etc are but a few examples of instant messaging apps.

Interestingly, these apps support tools that help in sharing files, voice notes, video calls with friends. Social media marketing tools on these platforms also help businesses, organizations and individuals make profit and livelihood.

Email apps


Although social media tools provide platforms for individuals to run their businesses, email platforms like Yahoo, Gmail, AppSuite, etc. offer individuals diversified platforms with which they can send, receive, and market their email content.

Spiritual apps

If you’re a religious faithful and digital lover, the internet has a variety of spiritual apps for any religion you practice. Having these apps in your device ensures that you have access to your spiritual guide at any given time.

Banking apps


The banking industry in Nigeria has evolved with the introduction of online banking services and debit cards. Bank applications have taken the banking game to a higher level for Nigerian customers.

Customers can track their credit and debit history, perform general banking activities, and book or pay for utilities through these bank apps.


If you’re tired of being forgetful, optimize your use of the generic or downloaded notepad applications on your mobile device. Put down your to-do lists, notes, documents, etc in this application.

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